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Post  Villanor on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:51 pm

We are currently in open recruitment.
We offer a friendly relaxed environment to enjoy Dust and other games in. If getting to know a solid group of players and having a good time while playing in an effective team setting appeals to you then this is your corp. We joke around and have a good time while still being down to earth and relaxed.

We aim to be straightforward and effective in our Corp leadership and we will not be forcing our players into any pseudo-military chain of command, rather our approach is working together as a squad while our leadership is more for logistic purposes and recruiting/advertising.

Timezone is not a limitation as we are currently looking to grow in all timezones.
We are especially looking for American and European timezone players.

For more information please message Villanor or Contaminator.
Also feel free to email us at shatteredAscensionMail@gmail,com

We can also be reached on Playstation Network:
Villanor: PSN ID Valexandes
Contaminator: PSN ID Contaminator357


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